Sunday, August 06, 2006
Feeling a bit better and accomplishing much, which always perks me up a little. I've already made up all the hours lost at work from being in California, at WW, and at the Madison Early Music Festival...just in time to plan for all the time I'll be at/recovering from Pennsic. I am so grateful that I have a boss who understands that flexibility is what I really need right now from a job!

I was going to go to Poor Man's this weekend near Marshfield--day-tripping, probably. But it didn't pan out. I made a decision that if I didn't know what time the Northshield Choir rehearsal/performance were by Friday night, I would just stay home. Frankly, I had a feeling we wouldn't find out, and I kind of needed to be home this weekend to get a few things done, so the decision was skewed towards that preference. So: Friday night comes and we know nothing. So I stayed home.

Ah! But I have accomplished much this weekend:
--Finishing Eithni's socks, which are made of Lite Lopi (don't ask; she wanted scratchy Icelandic wool, she's getting scratchy Icelandic wool)
--Began Sarra's hat, which is made of Frog Tree Merino, the most heavenly soft wool on the planet, and what Eithni could have had her socks made from, if she were sensible about it (it looks a heck of a lot like Lite Lopi), but noooooo
--Dishes, laundry (including the half-dozen dirty pairs of nylons that have been sitting on my laundry caddy, representing all the times I've had to wear nylons for the last six months or so!)
--Bills, including reimbursing Rose Marian for getting me a plane ticket to Known World Bards & Cooks in October
--Almost finished with a brand new linen underdress. The plan was to make an underdress and then an overdress, knowing that an extra underdress at Pennsic means you can wear an overdress again, and I might not get to the new overdress before I leave. I still might not, but the underdress is done except for the hem, and that makes me kinda excited to forge ahead. We'll see.

I am riding to Pennsic with my mom. (Note that I did not type, "I am going to Pennsic with my mom". That would be unlikely. Mom is not a camper nor an SCA person.) We're leaving Saturday morning the 12th and driving straight through, and then she's going to continue on to Philadelphia for shopping and vacation activities, then swing back to pick me up the following Saturday. I feel a little bit like someone who's going to the prom with her brother, but truth be told, I didn't make an all-out effort to find someone else to ride with, just asked a few friends and one person who posted to the NS hall asking for a rider. (She had already found someone by the time I replied.) I don't want to go with just anybody, and Mom's as good a travel companion as...well, as most people. And she's agreed that I am allowed to talk about Pennsic on the way home, which is really the main reason I didn't want to drive alone: not only is it a bit lonely, but I need to bounce my memories off of someone else in order to encode them properly, otherwise I lose them. So I think this should work out fine.

That is, if we can work out some fair method of sharing music...

Anyway. My apartment is a sty. I ordered a 3-piece corner bookcase set from Home Decorators, finally making the decision that I must unpack all my books. It came, but it came in three huge boxes, left on various days on my patio, once when it was threatening to rain (I had to haul it in through the patio doors as the rain began). Of course not only can I barely move the things, I have not the time nor the intestinal fortitude to begin unpacking them and assembling them--nor, quite frankly, do I have the room, not with stuff all over my floor and textile leavings all over my dining area. It's not going to get started before Pennsic, that's all there is to it.

In the meantime, the three boxes are lapped over one another like pancakes, in the center of my living room. Each one is about 8' by 3'. I have to walk around them to get to my air conditioner or stereo, and there is no question of loading my car with Pennsic gear using my patio doors, as I have in the past. Oh well...I just have to keep imagining all the rest of my books on them, in the corner of my dining room, and even using one shelf to hold my illumination supplies so I don't have to keep moving them from my bedroom to my dining room and back again. It's a wonderful mental picture.

Pennsic this year: not too much scheduled. I haven't got anything new to teach right now, so I'm not teaching any classes. Choir is from 4-6 every day. The Bardic Symposia have been scheduled in late morning, instead of the early-evening or during-choir that they have been for the last few years, so I might actually make some of them this year. The Known World Chatelaines' meeting is kind of mandatory for a Kingdom Chatelaine, so I'll be going to that Monday at 2pm. Wednesday I need to be at Newcomers' Point pretty much all day. I'm assuming we're participating in Opening Ceremonies Sunday afternoon as usual, but no idea whether we'll be singing outside Midrealm Royal beforehand as usual, since King Lars has decided not to decide who we will fight for: he'll throw in with whichever side has less fighters. (Way to avoid conflict, for a King born and bred in the East but reigning over a Kingdom that spawned from the Middle.) I haven't even looked at classes yet; I'd like to get to a lot this year. Now that I have knitting I can bring, I won't even fall asleep in them.

And there are evenings, usually pretty booked up: bardic circles, the Choir performance, Courts (including Peregrine's laureling, which may or may not conflict with Northshield Court but I think not, since Owen pointed out that Lars and Mary may well be interested in attending Eastrealm court themselves), and maybe even a concert or two. No Midnight Madness for me (the Wednesday night shopping frenzy). If I can't see something in sunlight, I'm not buying it.

(Parenthetically, the Northshield bardic circle will be Tuesday night this year. This didn't really get announced anywhere, because I was stupid and forgot to contact Lance and the various Royals to make sure this was okay, and I don't want to announce it in case it isn't. But we're still having it. I'm a baaaaaad bard...! It is in the Bards by Night/Bards by Day book that will be at Info Point this year, so I anticipate we will have more than just the denizens of N19.)

(Note to self: find out if Ingus can send me the WW songsheets he prepared, for use at Pennsic.)

This is Pennsic War 35. My first Pennsic was 30 and I've gone every year since. One of my tasks for myself this year is to pin down exactly why I keep going back. I know I enjoy it and I can list the things I enjoy doing there, but I can also list a lot of things I hate, and bad experiences I've had. If I conclude it's just one of those mixed things life hands you, I still have to determine why I keep going back of my own volition. (Camp was one of those mixed things, but I didn't really have a choice in going back or not--Mom & Dad really liked their time off each summer!) It's a conundrum.

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