Sunday, December 31, 2000
Okay--after several hours of tinkering, I have figured out how to insert this Blog thing into my own webpage, hosted at its normal address, Tinker tinker tinker. See Jennifer puzzle over tables. See Jennifer rearrange page elements six times. See Jennifer remain in doubt as to whether she truly wants the Blog world to come by her homepage daily (not a big issue) and whether she wants her friends, relatives, and acquaintances to see her Blog (a bigger issue). Well, she should have thought of that before she began the Blog, shouldn't she have?

Seriously, please take this Blog with several grains of salt; it is meant to be a stream-of-consciousness diary and may not always seem polite, friendly, or coherent (but when have I ever been coherent?). It will, however, be more like ME than anything else you'll see on the Internet. That I guarantee.

Saturday, December 30, 2000
Lady Genevieve called and woke me up at 9:30 this morning to say that she has the flu and will be unable to host the party tomorrow night, and will reschedule for sometime in the spring. How did I know? I guess this isn't going to be the year that I get to go to a New Years' party. It's too bad that she's sick though--hope she feels better. Today I expressed my disappointment by going out and blowing $50 at Hobby Lobby on calligraphy and painting materials, so I guess that's what I'm going to be doing tomorrow night.

I bought a tube of gold gouache since that's what all the rest of the scribes recommend, if you aren't going to use gold leaf, and tried it out. It's horribly pasty (even when thinned) and looks waxy and not very goldlike or sparkly. It also looks just like the gold on my Crwth scroll, so I guess that's what that scribe uses. I still think my gold looks better than the gold on my AoA scroll, too. And if you pretend the Pearlex powder is shell gold, it's really a pretty period way to apply gold, if you didn't have any gold leaf on hand (powder + gum arabic + water = paint).

That Saturday Night Live episode with the first presidential debate is on. I think it's true that the talk shows and other commentary shows captured the political process pretty well during all this election year hoo-hah. Or at least they were more visible, since CNN and the network news shows kept reporting on how well the comedians were keeping up. All I know is, when we were together during Thanksgiving, all I had to do to crack up my mom was to look pondersome and say, "Strategery."

Friday, December 29, 2000

And...if I can't go to the Italian Ren New Years' party this Sunday night because of snow? What then, huh? What then?

Sitting and listening to public radio ring in the new year again, I guess. *sigh*

Well, at least I'll get lots of work done on that darn 12th Night cotehardie. Thank goodness they moved 12th Night later this year; lord knows I haven't been diligent enough to get a new outfit done by the 2nd weekend in January, which is when they usually hold it. This way, it ought to be grand. I'm loading it with the leftover beads from that scarf I gave Yasamin.

So anyway...last night I attacked the tonsil with a swab and some hydrogen peroxide, forcibly pulled off some gross white stuff that had been there for several days, and thought, well, either it'll kill me or it'll get better. *happy sigh* It got better. I can swallow again! Heb'ns be praised! Yee-haw!

More importantly, I can sing again--not that I couldn't sing, but I was noticing sharping when I did, which is a problem I normally have only when strained or not warmed-up enough. When you have to totally adjust your pitch sense in order to sing the right note, you know you've got a problem. ;)

I was reading up again on scribal stuff. It is amazing to me that every time I seem to get satisfied with what I'm learning in the SCA and the level I'm at, something new pops up and convinces me that I must learn it, too. What truly flabbergasts me is that I'm sorta kinda good at it (me, the person who has never been able to do anything artistic on a flat piece of paper besides writing text). I'm nowhere near the level of some of the greats (yes, I was browsing Merouda Pendray's gallery again), but looking at even the two scrolls I have, I can do work at that level already, and have found a better-looking gold paint than either one uses. I guess I am a scribe.

It charms me to think I could do a scroll, give it to the Principality, and it would show up in Court being given to someone I barely know, and everyone would make that 'ooh, aah' sound that they make at scroll presentations. I could do that! I could, I could! The teacher of one of the class I took says that everyone can, and everyone should, make at least one scroll for the Principality. (And hey, if even Owen has made a should follow that everyone can. ;) ) Mostly what excites me is being able to give back in the same way that I have been given to. I love my two scrolls for what they represent, for the royalty that signed and conferred them, for how beautiful they are, for the memories of the day I received them, and for the people who congratulated me and admitted recommending me. All of that comes to my mind when I look at them. If something I make can do that for someone else, that's a pretty neat contribution to make.

Thursday, December 28, 2000
Good morning! We're supposed to get more snow today. Ho hum.

My tonsil hurts less today. The doctor did say it would go through more and less painful times though, as it heals. Maybe swabbing it with hydrogen peroxide did do something to help?

So far I'm wondering whether I'd ever want to hook this blog to my website. Does the professional library world really need to read about how I feel about irritating patrons? (Or, for that matter, about my tonsil infection?) Over time, my website has been going further and further away from its original purpose, which was to show prospective employers that I can do webpages. This is on purpose; I have been less interested in impressing people and more interested in self-expression and getting stuff out there (my library humor, my bardic book, etc.). Plus it's been getting easier to get jobs!

So I think I should just completely abandon the idea that my website needs to be acceptable for the professional world to look at. Of course, a reasonably savvy/curious prospective employer can find that site any number of ways, should they want to. Hopefully, then, the onus would be on them to approve or disapprove, since I didn't offer it to them. (Though I used to put my website address in cover letters!)

Will the blog replace the Note to You section on my website? Granted, the new design of my webpage does seem to cry out for text in that left and center area of the screen. Maybe I'll put up something more-or-less permanent there, and put a blog link below it? Hmmm...something to think about.

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

My swollen tonsil is still getting larger and more unwieldy. Using a sterile swab to get some of the gunk off did NOT work--how is that stuff attached anyway? Whenever I think about it, I have to take a short rest and just be grossed out for about ten seconds. I'm just going to keep using that nasty hydrogen peroxide mouthwash (when did 'fresh mint' begin to mean 'wintergreen', anyway?) and keep hoping...

[Post deleted], but this was the first day I used this blog.

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