Three Words

There are three words
That bring our hearts to joy in the Northshield.
Bear them well in mind,
Write them deep in your soul.
There are three words:
Ducere, ministrare,

First, the word that speaks of a noble tradition,
"Ducere": we guide others on their way.
Duty to our comrades, friends, and family,
Leading Northshield to a greater day.


"Ministrare" tells of our great generosity,
Caring for our kinsmen great and small.
Service in the name of honor is glorious--
Bringing Northshield's glory on us all.


In the darkest night, in the cold of the winter,
Warm the light that shines from our Griffin Thrones.
Of the three great words that I sing in my humble song,
"Illuminare" best describes our home.


Written for Her Stellar Highness Elashava's Bardic Challenge, on the occasion of Northshield Coronet Tourney and Investiture in Korsvag, May 4, AS XXXVII
Chorus tune: Anon. Sephardic song, 'Porque Llorax'
Remainder of tune and lyrics 4/7/02 Eliane Halevy (J. Friedman)

7/20/02: I've received enough requests for lyrics/tune for this piece that I figured I ought to put it up here. This song is right in the middle of its season right now, and I've discovered that my only perspective on my own pieces (and an incomplete perspective, at that) is achieved in hindsight. So, I will refrain from commenting on this piece right now.

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