Top ten articles I might be prepared to write in another lifetime

10. Skydiving Without a Parachute: Working for Grant-funded Programs and Loving It
9. Debunked At Last: MedlinePlus usage tops WebMD
8. Improving Book Return Rates with Large Electromagnets
7. The Library and Public Etiquette Training: Waiving Overdue Fees if Patrons say "Please"
6. Why Small Children Scream
5. You Can't Stay Here: Exciting New Scripts for Library Closing Time Announcements
4. On-the-fly Furniture Repair Tips for Library Staff
3. Does Your Library Have a Ghost, or Does Marvin from Cataloging Just Need to Get More Sun?
2. Lizard-O-Rama: a Special Fundraising Event
1. How We Eliminated Theft in our Library Collection

This spring I wrote my first article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Recently the column editor contacted me to say it's one of the best written articles she's ever received, and she thinks I can make an important contribution to the profession by writing more. My mind immediately turned to all the other topics I could write about, but after some thought, none of them seemed very viable. So instead of trying to figure out what to write about, I started thinking of things I'd probably never be able (or willing) to write about. This was the result.

This one might be a little obscure to non-library-types. Let me explain:

©Jennifer Friedman, 6/12/03